lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

Gucci spring 2014 MFW: The goddesses of hell

Nowadays there is no one in the fashion world who designs such sexy clothes as Frida Giannini, the blond italian (well maybe Donatella Versace does). It's not weird that the best one to know women is precisely one of them.

She lives in her own skin what's to be a woman 
and what fears can they have about their body.

Frida came to Gucci to solve some of this problems: to make women look incredible and to understand their style problems as no one does it. 
Her job in the ilatian house is really laudable: she mixes successfully a classy with a more contemporary and provocative style. To get this she always uses lots of transparences wich cleverly imply some parts of the body with soft textiles and female necklines that raise up the self-esteem immediately.

I don't like all the looks of this collection, because I find some of them extremely ornate, but those which I've put on this post for me are beautiful and really sexy.
Going along Frida's Femme Fatale, the models wear a powerful collection though for maximize the women's beauty.

Frida is creating a new army of women: The goddesses of hell

song of the day: Muse – Supremacy

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    1. Hi Donatella, you welcome! Oh that's great.
      Yeah this is powerful and beautiful, I agree :)