jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Bohodot: My summer discovery

It's been a long time since I wrote the last post. Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of free time lately, but I'm already back to the blogosphere, ready to fire!
On this post I want to show what I'd call the summer's discovery.

It is about a Spanish swimwear brand, relatively new, which is breaking all news: Bohodot.
The brand and its founders are from Barcelona, and it's basically a fashion E-Commerce.

They basically sell on the web, buy additionally they go to almost all spanish fashion markets: Palo Alto market, Bcn en las alturas, Maquis & Co Madrid... 

Their bikinis and swimwear suits are so pretty. That's the kind of web where you don't know exaclty what to buy, because you'd purchase everything! An advantage is that you have the option to buy the pieces separately, so you can combine different pieces :)

The variety of products of Bohodot is considerably high, and also its the style. There are some more romantic, cute, and others more bohemian.

These are some of the models they produce.

You can see their complet portfolio of bikinis and swimswits on the web or social profiles.They are very active on the social networks, which I like it so much ;)

Twitter: @bohodot
Facebook: Bohodot
Pinterest: @bohodot

martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Are you scandalized?

The curtain opens and what we see is a pair of nude legs, with two lowered panties while sitting in a public toilet.
No, this is not a sexual movie or the publicity of a very hot toy. The maker of this advertisement is a fashion brand. Alexander Wang thought that doing a different kind of publicity for the brand would help. 
I know some people who find it unglamorous while others are having fun with it and they think its natural. Personally talking, I feel fashion is always been too much correct, restricting all its content to the expected pose and set. And if some people feels scandalized it's just a sign that we are breaking down some barriers.
The barriers that don't let to express other feelings.
Can be two girls shitting in a public toilet, to sniffe cocaine in a crazy night, interracial love, sexual suggestions... It doesn't matter what because some decades ago to make an ad like that was a folly.

My question is, are we really scandalized? Maybe we shouldn't. There's nothing we haven't seen before (although not in a public context). These can be embarassing pictures (I don't think they really are) in an attempt to normalize the situation.

Other brands that have published scandalous advertisements are Tom Ford, Sisley, Gucci, Calvin Klein... All of them, some like Tom Ford more than other, discovered that it's an effective way to generate more fame and discussion. Whether we agree or not, that's a fact.

jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

Cute for less

The summer arrived days ago and you may have the feeling you got nothing to put on from your wardrobe. You and I know this is not true!

But thanks god there are some brands that solve it without breaking your poket. SPRINGFIELD and ASOS, those Top brands offer quality solutions when you need casual looks and a young style. 

I have taken a look at this season clothes and I already got some possible casual outfits, very cheap! T-shirts, shorts and hats... multiples combinations.

 These of below are the ones I would choose to renew my closet this summer. Take a look!!

The patriotic
See the look here

The youthful
See the look here 

The minimalist


See the look here

The denim girl
See the look here

The modern
See the look here

jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

Animated comics made in PRADA

What a better idea than promotioning a fragance with animated pop comics more like an Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein drawing.

The character in these comics? Léa Seydoux.
The author's name iFrancois Berthoud, a talented quite known illustrator.

Joining comics, art and celebrities to sell a fragance (or fashion too) was not very usual, but I think the result isn't that bad. I would absolutely buy them (the comics) as an art piece.

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Winner of SammyDress giveaway

As you know the SammyDress giveaway has ended and I already have the winner!

The winner of the fashion item is 
Carmen Trujillo

Congratulations Carmen! 

Her chosen item was the leather elegant bag in blue, very suitable in lots of outfits.

This won't be the last giveaway on this blog, so be on the ball because you can win some of the next fashion items I'll give away.

Thank you all who participated, and KEEP TRYING!

viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

GIVEAWAY: win a Sammy Dress item

It's been some days since my last post but this week I'm bringing you something very exciting, a GIVEAWAY where you can win an item from the fashion e-shop Sammy Dress (http://www.sammydress.com/)
With Sammy Dress you dress for less. All their items are medium quality but with very cheap prices.



1- Choose one fashion item. Leave a comment saying the color you want and your size (for the sizes you can find the link below)

2- Like Sammy Dress on:
Register on SammyDress (it's done quickly): http://www.sammydress.com/

Good luck!

*** *** ***

 Style Scoop Neck Splicing Pleated Design Sleeveless Dress

Fashion and Laconic Solid Color Covered Bag

 Chic Light Color Faux Gemstone Pendant Alloy Necklace

Women's Leather Handbag With Splicing and Stitching Design (also in blue)

Loose Fit Destroyed Denim Cheap Overalls

 Fashion and Casual Handbag With Color Block and Buckle Design

 Stylish Lips printing Stripe Blocking Color T-Shirt

This giveaway lasts 1 month (will end on March 21) and the winner will be chosen randomly between all the comments on this post.
The winner will be contacted as soon as possible to give me the details. The item will be also sent very quickly to the winner.

sábado, 1 de febrero de 2014

Viktor & Rolf. Art with a capital A.

Yeap. Mixing fashion and music is fantastic, specially when the music is live. 
But what would you think if in adition there is dance in the runway? Imagine: Fashion, music, and yes, dance.
This is what Viktor & Rolf though for this spring summer couture 2014 collection, 
a different fashion show, maybe a spectacle, where the models were ballet dancers of the Dutch National Ballet
Latex textures, pointe shoes, nude colours, maillots... The fashion show starts when the classical music plays.

The runway design was the one of a ballet classroom, with mirrors and wooden benches.
(source: Viktor & Rolf)

Photo of the ballerina shoes for the show. (source: Dazed and Confused magazine)

Photo of the final moment with all the models. (source: Buro247)

Here I give you a short video of the show. Such a sensitive and delicade one.

jueves, 9 de enero de 2014

She's the man. Barbara Bui pre-fall 2014

The Tomboy look.The Boyish. 
Although it may seem artificial in a woman, I consider that this is one of the most feminine outfits. For this and other reasons the tomboy look is my favourite one.

A tomboy suit well combined is surely sexier than any dress which has no soul. The black is sexy, and the straight pants and shirt are also.

Here you have the Barbara Bui pre-fall 2014 collection. 
This one is a clean, boyish, simple but very pretty:

Song of the post: Ratatat – Wildcat

sábado, 4 de enero de 2014

Streetstyle IV: I'm watching you

 The most famous eye in the fashion world. 
Kenzo's eye jumps to the street looking for the best streetstyle outfit. 

This iconic symbol is been the mark of the prestigious japanese house founded by Kenzo Takada for this season. 
Discover all the different ways to wear the eye.

Seen on tops, skirts, trousers, purses, sweatters... It is watching you!