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Saint Laurent Paris 2013: From a fairy tale to an androginy grunge project

The french fashion house seems to be changing it's soul and taking a change with the original name "Yves Saint Laurent". They annunced that the firm was going to be named since then Saint Laurent, something really unexpected for all the planet fashionists (included me).

If Saint Laurent was known to be a classic firm with conservative photos and models, now we can see a more androginy shoots where female models play to be a man in the Spring Summer 2013 Man's campaign or old rock music stars and it girls facing the Hedi Slimane's camera.

Saskia de Brauw is the face of it's man's campaign, an idea that could seem crazy but when I saw the shoot I thought it was one of the best shootings I had ever seen. Judje it yourself:

To promote their Spring Summer 2013 collection they have done a music project with the old punk and grunge stars, maybe forgotten ones since the last decade: Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love and Kim Gordon.
Hedi Slimane wanted to do something distinct and has photographed a grunge, hard, shocking, rupturist images. Saint Laurent has left it's fairy tale and welcomed it's gone bad.

So welcome to the new Yves Saint Laurent. Good girls gone bad.

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  1. Wow, this is a really nice campaign, I think i'll make a post about it too!

    Following you amazing blog!

    1. this is one of the most shoking campaign I've ever seen!
      It's a good idea to write about it too :)

      Thank you so much ;)

  2. Great Blog,

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?


  3. I liked this campaign, you have an award in my blog!

  4. This editorial is great, and portrays its message very well! The androgyny is something unexpected and avant garde, and the washed out rock stars made for a great campaign =)

    - Che


    1. I agree, the esditorial is so great and I love their androgyny with Saskia. The music campaign with out rock stars can seem ols fashioned but for me it's different and shocking :)


  5. Muy creativa la campaña, aunque algunas fotos da un poco de cosilla, jeje. Un beso!!


    1. Es una de sus campañas más locas es verdad, pero me parece chulisima :)

      Un beso para ti ;)