martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Are you scandalized?

The curtain opens and what we see is a pair of nude legs, with two lowered panties while sitting in a public toilet.
No, this is not a sexual movie or the publicity of a very hot toy. The maker of this advertisement is a fashion brand. Alexander Wang thought that doing a different kind of publicity for the brand would help. 
I know some people who find it unglamorous while others are having fun with it and they think its natural. Personally talking, I feel fashion is always been too much correct, restricting all its content to the expected pose and set. And if some people feels scandalized it's just a sign that we are breaking down some barriers.
The barriers that don't let to express other feelings.
Can be two girls shitting in a public toilet, to sniffe cocaine in a crazy night, interracial love, sexual suggestions... It doesn't matter what because some decades ago to make an ad like that was a folly.

My question is, are we really scandalized? Maybe we shouldn't. There's nothing we haven't seen before (although not in a public context). These can be embarassing pictures (I don't think they really are) in an attempt to normalize the situation.

Other brands that have published scandalous advertisements are Tom Ford, Sisley, Gucci, Calvin Klein... All of them, some like Tom Ford more than other, discovered that it's an effective way to generate more fame and discussion. Whether we agree or not, that's a fact.

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