viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Ode to art #1

The last day I read a quote that made me think about the ART's purpose.

"Why do you try to understand art? Do you try to undestrand the song of a bird?" 
Pablo Picasso

It'd be a mistake to treat something irrational in a rational way. Because there is no valid pattern in art, nor is there a specific way to interpret it.

I've selected some contemporary paints which inspire me creative ideas and produce me an inexplicable calm.
Probably you'll be submerged into very different emotions of mine. But what's the important point in that?

They transmite. They excite.

"Lucky Me" by Yangyang Pan

Brent Harris

“Cotton Candy Love” by Diane Delgado

Jenny Andrews-Anderson

Michael Lyozin

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  1. Well, depend of what kind of art we're talking, sometimes it can be a rational way of expression, but yeah... we should just relax and enjoy of it. kisses from

    1. Hello Klimver,
      Well in this post I'm only talking about the contemporary abstract art. It's interpretation is free to everybody who watches it but I agree that there are other kinds of art, more rational, structured.